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Individual Session

Individual sessions are offered in person, online, or over the phone. Each session lasts one hour, with 50 minutes of direct service and 10 minutes reserved for administration.

Please be aware that the prices mentioned below apply only during business hours. Extended sessions and sessions outside business hours are available at a higher fee.

  • Private paying: $180 per hour

  • Third party provider: $200 + GST

  • NDIS$193.99 per hour (self managed or plan managed only. Item # 15_621_0128_1_3) 

Rapid Response

We offer Critical Incident Response services, including on-site counselling and debriefing. The prices listed are charged per hour per clinician.

  • $250 + GST (within business hours)

  • $330 + GST (M-F outside business hours)

  • $400 + GST (Saturdays)

  • $500 + GST (Sundays & Public Holidays) 

Group Counselling

Group therapy is a collective session involving 10-15 participants, guided by a therapist or facilitator. This type of therapy can help address collective challenges, foster skill development, and offer a place for mutual support. Group therapy sessions can occur online or in person, creating a safe space for growth and healing through shared experiences and peer insights.

The cost per group may vary depending on session length, participant numbers, resources, and location. Please get in touch with us for a personalised quote if you want to join a group therapy session.

We offer different types of group therapy, including:

- Group Traumatic Events Protocol (GTEP): This therapy is based on Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and is designed for group settings. It allows individuals with shared traumatic experiences to process them collectively using bilateral stimulation without sharing personal information.

- Circle of Security Parenting program: This program aims to improve attachment security between parents and children through relationship-based interventions, fostering emotional resilience and well-being in children.

- Emotional Regulation Skills Group: This is based on DBT principles and helps individuals manage emotions effectively. It offers strategies for better emotional control and well-being, including mindfulness and distress tolerance.


We provide a range of workshops that can be tailored to your specific requirements, as well as the ones listed below. The cost of each workshop or training session may vary based on factors such as session duration, number of participants, resources required, and location. Please feel free to contact us to get a personalised quote.

Moving Messages: A somatic, experiential workshop that offers a reflective and guided environment for personal journeys and stories to be expressed through the body into the tangible world and onto items such as message sticks or clapsticks.
Healing Journeys: This workshop focuses on mental health, trauma, and stress responses in the nervous system. It introduces the "social engagement system" and cultural grounding elements such as possum skin, emu feathers, ochre, eucalyptus, and finger limes (when available!).

Our consultation fees are set at a much lower rate than those recommended by the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW) Schedule of Recommended Fees. However, the cost of our services is subject to change. GGC is a privately owned company that is committed to impact-driven business. Our main aim is to establish a service framework that gives back to the community in various forms, without compromising our values and dedication to providing high-quality services. We appreciate your understanding and are devoted to offering competitive prices while maintaining quality and supporting our commitment to impact.

In most cases, sessions provided to privately paying and NDIS-funded individuals are GST-free as they are considered a listed health service, as defined by the Australian Tax Office. However, please be aware that this information is provided as a general guide only, and we recommend that you seek tax advice from a registered tax agent or accountant.

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