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Cognitive Distortion Flash Cards - Free Download

Cognitive distortions are like mind tricks making you see things negatively. They can make you feel upset and can often increase stress or worry. Knowing these tricks your mind plays is key to feeling better. Once you spot these false thoughts, you can learn to challenge them, helping to reduce stress and improve how you feel about yourself and the world. This is often a big part of therapies like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). Understanding them can help you feel better, faster.

Download the file here:

23 Cognitive Distortion Flash Card_Grow Gently
Download PDF • 9.75MB

Limitations for use

Please respect our work and don't share this file, it's intended for your personal use only. Please direct people to the website to download for their own personal use.

All files provided offer general advice and should not replace professional therapy.

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